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Body Shots and Bodyscapes by Dan Ideas

  • Run Away Bride
    I have a very kewl Mexican wedding dress (With the eyelet buttons in back, VERY small :) for a runaway bride shoot in the desert which we can do outside in the gloaming of the day.

  • Artistic Nudes
    I have some VERY nice places in the valley I would like to do some artistic nude shots, or implied. Some waterways, mountains, brush, old buildings, parking garages, and some other Interesting places :)

  • Bodyscapes
    See Bodyscape Ideas

  • Songs (Body paints, costumes, props to support the songs)
    First up in my Song book series ideas is 'Luck be a Lady', including cards, dice, etc.
    Then others like 'Angel Eyes', 'Anything Goes (glimmer of stocking, shocking, better words prose, four letter words, black/white day night,etc)', 'Are you Lonesome Tonight', 'Bang Bang', 'Blue Moon' (heheheh), 'Born Free' (Need someone with some Ballet or dance background or ability), 'Button up your overcoat' (Need a pair of red flannels with a 'butt flap', I have overcoats, need good climbing tree), Ohhh all kinds of stuff :)
    Contact me for more ideas or if YOU have an idea you would like to do :)

  • Fairy, Spirit, etc
    Fantasy Pic series, both outside and in my studio with my green screen background. I am looking to do some Mushroom sprites, pixies, tribal spirits, etc.

  • Pin-up
    Looking to do some classic Pin-up, Bettie Page, etc. My studio is ready to shoot :) So Let's Go

  • Fetish type
    Looking for some people to shoot some Fetish type shots to fill in that section of my Folio. :) I can do some rope work, or bring your own kink. Just looking to spice things up a bit. :)

  • Blood, Dark, and Fun
    I have the blood, I have the swords, knives, and other fun things, lets do something dark :)

  • Classic Swimsuit/Lingerie, etc
    You know, what everyone else wants to do, some reason Models are always asking me where that stuff is in my portfolio, Go figure :)

  • Body Knots
    Looking for some people that can bend, twist, contort, and basically make human knots. Are you feeling Knotty? :)

  • COG With a Camera - Funny Series
    This series is making fun of the COGs (Creepy Old Guys) some of my friends have run into from Criagslist and other places, and some I have run into as well :)
    Mail me if you want some more information, it will be fun :)

  • 60's Fun
    Freelove, Fun, Bodypaint, psychedelic acid trips...... Ahh the 60's

  • Elementals
    This series is a continuation, or extension, of my fantasy series. It will consist of male and female models body painted and interacting with their elements. Some will be in studio, most will be outside. For the fire and water elements (and to some point the other elements) I will be looking for models with some dance background, or who can show that grace, elegance and poise.

  • Family Portraits and Pregnant Portraits
    This series is more a documentation of the beauty of family and the birth of a family. All images will be implied nude, draped, hidden, etc., to show the beauty and innocence of family. I am looking for All family types, and all shapes and sizes. These images are not meant to titillate or arouse, they are meant to show Family, Love, the bond between mother, father, sister, brother. I am looking for full families, single parents, multi-generational, etc. I am also looking for pregnant women and couples. I would love to document the wonderful and beautiful changes you will go through.

  • Primal Pregnancy
    And speaking of Pregnancy, I would Love to do some Other themes for pregnant women (Uhm..... Or Pregnant Men if there are any reading this ;)

    If your pregnant, lets talk :)
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