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Welcome back to the v2.0 version of my site.

This is a VERY old backup of my website, and some things are very wonky right now (Feb/2015). Please stay tuned.

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Welcome To Bodyshots By Dan's Photogaphy Portal

I have been working in photography on and off since 1993, published and awarded a few times nationally and locally, with a few gallery shows in the past that I am trying to duplicate in the future :) I was away from photography for a few years, but have been back and rebuilding for the last year and a half. I have some publishers interest in my bodyscape series and have been working on building the first two books, with many more to come with various themes after the success of those first two.

If you are interested in modeling for me, or would like to work with me in general, please e-mail me.

You can now Leave me a Voicemail right from the web with Google Voice. Just click on the image below and enter your number you want Google Voice to call, then leave me a message with what you are looking to do, your name, contact info, etc etc :)

This site contains artistic nudity. If you are offended by the nude human body, please navigate away from this website. As there is no work on here a normal percentage of the population of the United States of America would term pornographic or 'Adult', we do not care how old you are when you visit, but if you are a 'child' and think your parents would be pissed if you came here, Please Leave Quickly! This is a site dedicated to the Artist and their work, and the models who make it all possible. Please be respectful of the models, but you can be an ass to the artist though, he is used to it :)